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Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup implies the kind of cosmetic tattoos whose main goal is to emphasize natural beauty in a discreet and gentle manner, with subtle defect correction matching the individual physiognomy of the face. Permanent makeup is the first step that anyone who wants to change something should take, before deciding for any surgical procedures.

Permanent makeup is applied using machine or manual method, and it is divided into:

• Eyebrow drawing with the machine – powder brows and manual eyebrow drawing method – microblading
• Lip drawing – with the machine and microblading
• Eyelid drawing – with the machine and microblading

• Scar covering
• Vitiligo
• Areola drawing in breast reconstruction


With permanent lip makeup, we make clear contours on lips, or just shade them with color without any contours depending on the wishes of the client. Besides from that, we can correct minor irregularities in the form of lips, color out their natural beauty and visually increase them in a long-term, non-invasive way. Colors and contours are selected in accordance with the client’s preferences and with the expert advice of the masters.


Permanent eyelid makeup implies drawing eyeliner by applying color underneath skin surface in the region of the upper and / or lower eyelid. It is possible to draw a classic liner, a lash line to achieve the effect of denser lashes, as well as a popular technique of shading liner, with a result of deeper view and beautifully accented eye.